“Between the Lines”

After further review…People often ask where the ideas and topics come from for these “Tunneyside of Sports” columns/blogs. The answer is simply by watching and reading about sports (and sports figures) of all types with an eye toward how a sports issue can help others. The “Tunneyside” belief is that sports can be a metaphor for doing the right thing, helping others, being responsible, and a whole list of desirable character traits.

The following item popped up just recently and has been widely seen and read about. A football player was quoted as saying “Don’t judge a person’s character by what they do between the lines”. Huh! Excuse me, but since the only behavior of yours that fans do observe is entirely “between the lines,” that’s when their judgment of you takes place. It’s the only way a young athlete who looks up to you and wants to emulate his “hero” (I never liked that term)

Super stars have a unique advantage in demonstrating to others proper behavior, respect for others and the game with the recognition of opportunities to “do the right thing”. There are many in the business or professional worlds, e.g. doctors, lawyers, business people, etc. whose character would be admired and emulated if their profiles were more public.

It’s a whole different premise with successful athletes; their acclaim, and the attention paid to it, is built right into the job. Like it or not, their public recognition puts them in a leadership position, so there should be the goal of doing the right thing—every time!

Does your character exhibit a respect for those you live, work, and play with?

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