Curtain Calls!

After further review…Are we getting an overabundance of curtain calls in sporting events? Perhaps you love stage plays as much or more than I do. Whether it be “on Broadway” or on the Morgan Stock stage at MPC, the joy and excitement of actors performing live is hard to beat. When the principal actor appears on stage for the first time, there is polite applause. While the actor may feel that honor, he or she proceeds directly into the assigned role. At the conclusion of the play, actors are called on-stage for a curtain call. Recognition of a stellar performance is often greeted with a standing ovation.

This leads to today’s professional athletes: are they overdoing curtain calls? Being around professional athletes most of my adult life, I have great admiration for their skills and athleticism. However, today’s athletes seem to want recognition before, during, and after every part of their performance. Their introductions with “bells and whistles” and “rockets-red-glare” are over-the-top.

People wonder: what’s with the fist-pounding-of-the-chest, after a “slam dunk” by a player whose normal reach is beyond the rim? Or the catching of a forward pass followed by the first down signal, isn’t that the officials’ job? Or (more) pounding of the chest or flexing of muscles – ala Charles Atlas – after sacking the quarterback? Many ask: Isn’t that what they are there for? Then, of course, those big brother examples of “showmanship” trickle down to high schools, and little leaguers.

It is often been said “Sports builds character!” to which came the reply, “Well, it may not build character, but it certain can reveal it.” The contention here is that sports are a great way to learn T*E*A*M work, to learn to give your best effort every time, to not quit when you think you can’t do more, to learn to respect others for their efforts, and to be grateful for the opportunity. If and when the curtain call comes, one needs to accept that recognition with humility! As we approach this week of Thanksgiving can we regularly maintain the gratefulness of which that day reminds us?

Will you continue to be grateful for the opportunities you’ve been given?


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