Is it time to move on? – April 19, 2010

   After Further Review … The AP article by Doug Ferguson carried this headline:  MASTERS’ CHAIRMAN LASHES OUT AT WOODS (as in Tiger).  Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne said, “Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children!”  Payne would not discuss the details of their (before the start of the 2010 Masters) meeting – called at Payne’s request.


The article concluded with Chairman Payne saying, “This year, it (the Masters) will not be just for him, but for all of us who believe in second chances.”  Why couldn’t that be the heading instead of “Lashes out?”  What do we gain by beating up on others?  If, indeed, Payne believes in second chances, why not focus on moving on?


    Christine Brennan suggested in her USA Today column “Woods should yank his first tee shot into the trees and shoot 75.  That would be the human thing to do.”  Is Brennan expressing female anger at Tiger’s infidelity?  She certainly is entitled to her opinion, but, again, is it her plan to continue to berate him?  Just asking.


Please understand that Tiger’s behavior of infidelity is not to be – and cannot be –  defended.  He made serious mistakes over a long period of time, and has publicly admitted so saying “It’s my fault – no one else is to blame.”  With that admission, along with his therapy and personal commitment to correct his misbehavior, is it time to move on?


   Regarding the “hero” tag (per Chairman Payne), Tiger is not a hero; he is a superb golfer, and maybe “one of the best ever.”  A hero is one who rescues others from a disaster – example, fireman during 9/11.  Payne may have misplaced his expectations.


    A role model?  Of course! We do have a right to place that label on our sports stars.  Pros, as well as everyday golfers, would all like to have Tiger’s golfing skills.  However, sports stars need to model professional behavior off the course as well.


    We expect a higher standard of our leaders; some of whom have failed us, as is the case of our 42nd U.S. President, the Ponzi scheme guy, and the Enron CEO – who have “cheated” as well.  The infidelity issue that Tiger faces is a personal one with his wife, Elin, and his family.   In the words of Ron Read, who will announce the golfers as each tees off in the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, “Play on.”


Will you be able to follow Read’s words of “play on” and move beyond Woods’ tragic past?  Speaking of being optimistic, be sure to check “The Optimism Advantage” by Dr. Terry Paulson – go to

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