“No More!”

On the TUNNEYSIDE of SPORTS December 29, 2014 # 521 Up next…”No More”!

After further review…As we tighten the lid on the year 2014 we highlight a theme that has dominated the sports world: “No More!” What drew the emphasis to this campaign was the rapt attention to the increased coverage of domestic violence and sexual assaults. I fail to understand such behavior since fortune dictated I would grow up in a family where these failures of self control were unknown.

No more!” domestic violence. There may always be disagreement among family members about how to raise their children. Psychologists assure us that chief among family issues will be money, sex and religion. But what about the method of disagreeing without being disagreeable? Does one have to be right or have his/her own way in a disagreement? Are compromise and an effort to get along passé? Can we learn to understand another’s point of view without verbal or physical abuse?  Sure we can!

No More!” sexual assaults. Psychologists tell us sexual assaults are more about asserting power over another than achieving sexual satisfaction. The driving theme can simply be expressed “It’s all about me.” The belief here is: that our existence on this planet should be governed by the question of what we can do for someone else. When one takes that approach, violence and assaults may disappear.

No More!” trash talking among players – both on and off the field. Trash talking is just that: trash. None of us want to live or act like people with no value or goodness. It belittles any of us when we choose that behavior. It’s a false sense of power. While that kind of talk has become ordinary today, it can be curtailed. It becomes the responsibility of every parent and every teacher to demand civilized and respectful language. There are over one million words in the English language; using the belittling minority of those occurs all too often.

We endeavor to teach athletes that their sport is one of respect. To attempt to defeat an opponent with the use of derogatory terms is the antitheses of the game itself.  When trash talking is directed at you, one of the healthiest response is to simply walk-away, denying the offender the sense of power they seek. Remember, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers…”

Will you resolve to practice the “No More” approach in all you do in this coming year?

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