On becoming Intentionally Extraordinary

On the TUNNEYSIDE of SPORTS March 18, 2013 #428 Up next…On becoming Intentionally Extraordinary!

After further review…Since the Men’s NCAA basketball brackets are now in place, we venture into what is called “March Madness” the road to who will be champion on April 1, 2013. There is considerable uncertainty about who that will be with no clear favorite standing out. Then, too the NFL free agency market opened with a flurry on March 12th with more than usual proven veterans chasing not only the money available, but opting to sign with teams who look to be contenders for the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Yet we can’t overlook the next three months of the NBA, as teams in contention attempt to maintain the health of their stars that have been banging into each other since September. Of course, the MBL season is just a couple of weeks away as thirty teams ready themselves to replace the San Francisco Giants as World Champs. Oops, almost forgot the NHL playoffs soon to begin after a truncated (“horrible happening”) season; but then, considering that I guess ignoring them is OK.

My friend and colleague Mark Sanborn (www.marksanborn.com/fred2) today launches his new book Fred 2.0 subtitled “New Ideas on how to keep delivering Extraordinary Results”. His book focuses on customer service, which ought to be a central point for sports teams. Top sports teams strive to be the champions by imploring their players to produce “extraordinary results”.

Sanborn, the successful author of New York Times Bestseller The Fred Factor, now has a new book,     Fred 2.0, talking about extraordinary customer service which is exactly what sports teams need to strive for, i.e., how they can attract fans to be their loyal fans rather than letting fans exercise ” free agency” by aligning themselves with another T*E*A*M–or even another sport. Sanborn uses these four points about being extraordinary: 1) Everybody makes a difference; 2) It is all built on relationships; 3) You can add value to everything you do; and 4) You can reinvent yourself continually. We hope your curiosity about these four steps will lead you to discover how you can be “intentionally extraordinary”. Sanborn continues “the first step toward being extraordinary is to live with intent. Let the difference you make become your significance difference”.

Will you get a copy of Fred 2.0 and discover how you can become intentionally extraordinary?

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