“Social Justice?” #280 – May 10, 2010


    After Further Review … A 17 year old named Steve ran across the outfield of Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia recently during a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Phillies.  He was chased by 3-4 ballpark security and a uniformed cop.  Unable to catch the intruder, the cop, from about 20 feet away, fired his taser gun and felled the culprit.  The young man got to his feet, was taken into custody and has recovered from the taser shot.  Some are questioning the use of a taser in this situation.


My question is different, to wit:  Where does it state on Steve’s admission ticket that he had the right to be on the playing field – before, during or after the game?  What happened to modesty?  Did his parents not teach that?  Well, it turns out his mom, Amy, has since apologized for her son’s conduct.  Steve had actually called his father from the ballpark to tell him his intention, and the father told him “not to do it.”  Good advice, but not followed; wonder what part of “NOT” didn’t he understand?  Sounds like mom and dad tried to do the right thing.  Steve knew he was “in the wrong” and perhaps just wanted his “15 minutes in the sun.”  I don’t think that’s what Andy Warhol had in mind.  Now I don’t want to get into Dr. Phil’s territory, but who is influencing this kid’s behavior?


    ‘Course this fan-on-the-field is not new.  During my 31-year career on the NFL field, I’ve seen it, perhaps, a dozen times.  I’ve watched NFL players “deck” an intruder saying, “Hey buddy, you’re interrupting my game.”  A wayward fan has got to be out of his mind to face an NFL player’s confrontation. 


Still the question lingers … to tase or not to tase?  The Philadelphia Police commissioner, after reviewing the tape, has supported the officer.  Some critics of the use of a taser said, “Well, he was just running around the field, without harm to anyone.”  How did the officer know?  Maybe if an officer would have tased that guy who came onto the tennis court in Hamburg, Germany, he could have prevented Monica Seles from being stabbed in the back while she sat in her chair during a break in the Citizen Cup tournament.


Will you support reasonable means to enforce the law?

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