Taking charge in a crisis

The hype for the 30th Olympic Games scheduled for London in August has already begun.

The British have been working for many years to have a successful Olympics, and certainly have a great model to follow in the 2008 games in Beijing. The Chinese set an almost unreachable standard with their excellent performance.

Thinking back to China and that summer, I am reminded of Lin Hao, perhaps a name that has slipped your mind over these last four years. Nine-year old Lin lived in Sichuan Province’s capital city of Chengdu when, in May 2008, an earthquake hit, killing more than 70,000 people. Lin was among those buried beneath the rubble. Lin had pulled a classmate out of the rubble, and then ran back into the school building. The rescuers scolded him and asked “Why did you go back into that building that was crumbling?”

“Cause I’m the hall monitor!” was the boy’s response. You may call that responsibility or leadership or determination, but whatever you call it, please put the word “hero” next to Lin Hao’s name.

It was that sort of responsibility and a never-give-up attitude that gave China high marks for excellence in the conduct of those Olympic Games. That never-give-up attitude was the theme of the address I was recently privilege to present to more than 400 down-on-their-luck men and women.

As we observe our young people today, many have that sense of “I’m the hall monitor” and exercise it without fanfare. The idea that every good deed warrants a parade down coaches we need to encourage our young people to have the courage to stepwithout hesitation or expectation of reward to help others in need. Notice within that word encourage is the word “courage” meaning the ability to conquer fear.

Studying athletes as I have done all my life I find that the successful ones learn to manage fear, not avoid it. It takes courage to perform, whether it’s in sports, music, dance, etc., and, especially life. Those who have learned to manage fear progress through life with a greater sense of accomplishment.

Will you have the courage to never give up?

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