What to do next?

On the TUNNEYSIDE of SPORTS October 28, 2013 # 460 Up next…What to do next?

After further review…”If we don’t win our last game, it’s disappointing”, said Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila. The Boston Red Sox defeated the Tigers 5-2 in the sixth game of the American League Championship Series, sending the Red Sox onto the World Series to face the National League champions St. Louis Cardinals.

Avila used the word “disappointing” (which suggests that losing would be a failure to meet expectations) rather than the word “discouraging” (which by plain definition is a loss of confidence or enthusiasm). Avila concluded “I’m very proud of what we’ve done”. There is little doubt that he and his teammates are looking forward to 2014—with spring training just a short four months away.

The Tigers have reason for high hopes in 2014. With talents such as Avila, Torrii Hunter, Miguel Cabrera (2012 MVP awardee), Anibal Sanchez (AL ERA champ), Max Scherzer (2011 Cy Young awardee), and Justin Verlander on the team, they figure to compete deep into the season.  Respected veteran manager Jim Leyland has stepped down, but the team itself remains largely intact.

But how will the Tigers proceed all the way to the World Series? How would you? How does one deal with disappointment after working so diligently for eight months in pursuit of a reachable goal? In the education and business worlds many strive long and arduously without reaching valued goals. It is vital to remember that losing or failing is not a forever thing: giving up or quitting is!

“There’s no quit in my dictionary” says ESPN analyst and former NFL player and coach Herm Edwards in the book “It’s the Will, Not the Skill”. “Will” is the essential factor in the Tigers’ (or anybody else’s) prospects for success. Every MLB T*E*A*M intends to win the World Series. Yet it’s the T*E*A*M with the full, pure power of will that is likely to prevail (though good pitching and hitting helps, of course).

The adage “Forget to remember” helps one to let go of past disappointments. When you realize that beating yourself up is wasted energy, then you are able to move forward with a new and enthusiastic plan. Possessing the will execute it is a positive step toward success. It’s the plan that lays the groundwork for success, so we can do some further refining: the will to prepare is more important than the will to win!

Will you make preparation the keystone as you set your next goal?

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