“Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do!”

On the TUNNEYSIDE of SPORTS July 4, 2016 #600! Up next…”Ya gotta do…”

After further review…”Ya gotta do whacha gotta do” is an expression I’ve used for some 40 years. My doctoral-study partner, Dr. Jim Jenkins, reminds me that urging helped push us through our doctoral work at the University of Southern California. We both had been senior high school principals when we moved on, in separate school districts, to the superintendent position. Further we were deeply concerned with the negative environment that existed in schools. We called that environment: climate! Our climate study identified 14 factors that could turn a school from the negative to the positive — but that’s for another time.

“Ya gotta do… was born in me through my background in sports (ha! bet you thought I’d never get to the sports topic). There were many times when I didn’t’ feel like working out or practicing in preparation for playing a game; yet it had to be done. Coaches taught that you “play like you practice” and who of us doesn’t want to play at our best? There is a factor of procrastination deep inside each of us. Yet, you learn that your success is based upon you being proactive– the opposite of putting things off. Coaching has always been important to help me improve my life. History tells us that the word “coach” was defined as a “horse-drawn carriage used to transport people from where they are to where they want or need to be! Moving to the next level has always been important to me.

This my 600th On the TunneySide of Sports column/blog about the values in sports that can help bring out the best in each of us, I pause to THANK each of you who have read these writings over the last 11 & ½ years. I leave you with these aphorisms:

*Always remember what you receive, but forget what you gave.

*I can’t do all the world/my community needs, but the world/my community needs all I can do.

*Forget what hurt you; but never forget what it taught you.

*People are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.

*Experience is the ability to recognize a mistake — when you make it again.

Confidence is when you’re down two scores in the 4th quarter, and still believe you can win.

*Best words of encouragement a parent can say: “I really enjoy watching you play.”

Will you do whatcha gotta do to create a successful climate for you and for others?

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