Self-Control: Use it or lose it!

On the TUNNEYSIDE of SPORTS January 18, 2016 # 576 Up next..Self-Control: Use it or Lose it!
After further review…I recently had the privilege to be part of a panel, which was digitally recorded and will be available shortly, on a program titled: 17 Biblical Principles of Success. Our topic was: Self-Control. How timely in today’s social climate! With conditions being protested by many, self-control all too often becomes either forgotten or worse yet – lost!

We don’t have to search world conditions to see how the loss of self-control affects an outcome; take a look at sporting events. We see players on the field or court losing self-control. The resultant effect is a penalty against them or their T*E*A*M, sometimes causing the loss of a game. Whether it be an official’s “call” with which that player disagrees or an egregious act by an opponent, the offended player protests to the point of losing self-control and is penalized. The power of television and numerous replays shows that unwanted temperament.

Sports, they say, builds character, and it has all the ingredients to do that. However, more often sports reveals character, self-control being an ingredient of character. Maintaining self-control in sporting events will serve one very well later in life. One’s loss of self-control at a sports event may very well be repeated in the business or social world and could be costly. When you lose your ability to play within the “rules-of-the-game,” you are putting yourself ahead of your T*E*A*M and of the game itself.

Sports environments can be quite hostile both physically and emotionally. When that happens, players must maintain their poise, i.e., one’s behavior, which BTW can be taught. The vast majority of players do realize the “costs.” We need to remind those who play sports, whether professionally or at the school levels, that sports is a privilege, not a right! In a word, it’s called: sportsmanship!

Like most behaviors, parenting and environment play a large part. Physical and emotional abuse either at home or in one’s life can be a major factor. Parents, teachers, coaches, friends can provide positive examples in controlling one’s behavior. In sports, proper coaching – on and off the field – plays a vital part. Positive coaching is best done from the “inside-out,” that is, finding the source of one’s lack of self-control and correcting it before it gets out of control.

Will you help others who display a lack of self-control by providing your positive example?

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